Your Neighborhood Drain Experts


We Are:

  • Locally owned and operated. We LIVE here. We WORK here. Our children attend SCHOOL here. We LOVE it here in the SPOKANE area!
  • Experienced - Our drain experts have over 40 years combined experience RIGHT HERE in Spokane!
  • Licensed – Bonded – Insured #CCDRAINSDS88907
  • Good lookin’ – just saying…
Eldon - Service Manager
Lives, breathes, (and reeks!) of drain cleaning - much to his wife’s consternation. If he had any spare time he would love to do all kinds of fun things! Maybe even spend more time with his very musical wife and five children. Grew up on a farm. Curious, snoopy, and fascinated by how things work.
Joe - Service Tech
Bird watcher, hiker, photographer (with his phone camera, no less!) Dirty Dasher, story teller extraordinaire (keeps us in stiches) Family Man
Cory - Service Tech
New Dad – More sleep is his ultimate goal in life (besides winning his Fantasy Football League!). Football champion wanna-be. PIZZA connoisseur for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Good Samaritan.
Adam - Service Tech

Brice - Service Tech
Tami - Office Manager
Jack of all trades, master of none! Six kids, fourteen grandkids - she must have had her first child at a VERY young age! Traveled the USA and the World… “Home is where the Air Force sends you” (well, her husband, now retired). Piano teacher, music lover